Are you a bike enthusiast who just cannot get enough of his bike? Want to be on your bike 24*7? Always looking for the bike which could make you the envy of the neighborhood? If your answer to any of these questions is in the affirmative, assuage your nerves as you’ve arrived at the right place.

This page is not about us. It’s about you. Being a team of bike aficionados, we would make sure that once you’ve left this site, you’d have in your mind etched the image of a bike which deserves your hard earned money.

In the same context – of letting you meet with the bike of your dreams, we are ruthless. We review bikes, their features, their benefits, their shortcomings, their price tags, the durability factor, their material of construction. Whether the seat is up or down a few inches than normal, whether the handles are too narrow or too broad, whether the tires are too thin or too thick, whether the rear derailleur is properly working or not, we’d know it. Afterward, we would make sure that you know it too.

We are brutally honest in our reviews of the bikes out there. Since we aren’t paid by any bike manufacturer, all of them, to us, are the same. Whether it’s Schwinn or diamondback – whether the bike has earned rave reviews from its users or is new in the market, we place it under our very own electron microscope to pick out the details that are not visible to the naked eye.

Afterward, we make sure that these details are presented to you so that you could make your choice cognizant of all the pros and cons of the bike under consideration.

Why RydBikes?

For other people, biking may be a matter of life and death. For us, it is much more important than that. We know that the sport of cycling has lagged behind the likes of soccer for quite some time. While we couldn’t change that equation, what we can do – and are already doing – is to fill the bike enthusiasts with the same pleasure a football fan feels when his team scores a goal in stoppage time.

To better explain our viewpoint, consider us as the Robin Hood of cycling, with one exception. While the mighty warrior used to steal money from the poor before giving it to the rich, we stole information from the bike manufacturers before giving it to the bike riders.

How do we do it? Simple. Here at (), we have devised a vigorous formula under which every bike – no matter what the brand, is judged. If the bike passes that test, we unveil it to you. If it fails, we do not bother to disturb you.

What would you Get?

Visit the internet and you’d be astounded at some sites which claim to “review” bikes. For, even a perfunctory glance might tell that they are bike sellers, albeit in disguise. We are different. We don’t review bikes just for the sake of it. Rather, we make comparisons, carve out buying guides, list out the features, and make sure that if the bike contains even the most minor of flaws, you know it.

Hence, if you choose to put your faith on us, you won’t be disappointed. You might not get the reviews of all bikes in the world, however, of the ones which we will review, you’d be assured that they aren’t paid. Hence, once you have read our articles, there won’t be an iota of difference between the original specs of the bike and the ones mentioned in these pages.

Let’s enjoy the ride.