If you are a coffee lover and love to ride the bike at the same time, Congratulations, we would like to share the good news! Coffee is something that gives us refreshments, instant energy along with incredible taste, but it also helps to improve your performance on the bike. So, if you are a cyclist, this blog post is for you, it does not matter if you like coffee or not, let us describe the magic power of coffee for activities like cycling. So having a coffee maker in your kitchen is clearly a great benefit for you, if you love to ride the bike regularly. If you have a small kitchen with less space, one under counter coffee maker will do the magic job for you, it does not take any extra space in your kitchen at the same time it does an excellent heavy duty to make your desired coffee.

After few hours of research, we found some amazing information about the combination of coffee and cycling. And finally, we were happy with the outcome that is going to be presented for you below. Some studies have shown that coffee consumption has several health benefits. Read the impact of the coffee in your life:

Increase stamina

When you start to riding on the bike, fatty acids are released into the blood circulation from the fatty tissue, and then the muscles can absorb and use these fats as fuel. Caffeine also works to increase the number of these acids produced, which in turn saves small energy reserves in the form of carbohydrates in the body, so when you need energy during cycling, it will burn your stored fats from body what gradually improve and increase the stamina level of your body. So, in this way, it will help you to lose fat faster and makes your life much better and energetic. Recumbent exercise bike such as the Schwinn 270 and the Diamondback 910SR are hugely popular pieces of exercise equipment that help you get an excellent workout while reclining in a very comfortable position.

Promotes faster recovery

Studies have shown that drinking 3 cups of 240 ml coffee, accompanied by a high-carbohydrate meal, helps the body recharge faster glycogen levels (up to 75%), which is crucial For prompt recovery of muscle. So, if you lose some muscle due to heavy cycling coffee will do the recovery work for you.

Helps to deflate

Coffee has a positive effect to help decrease inflammation; this is because antioxidants neutralize certain free radicals in the body that cause inflammation. So if you feel pain after a long workout or if you have an injury and inflammation, a coffee can help. On the other hand, certain studies have shown that coffee has four times the amount of antioxidants than green tea has. So, in some way, it works better than green tea. The coffee produces antioxidants to protect your cells from premature destruction by exposure to heat, light, moisture and air. Many of these substances remain active when they enter the human body and in this way also help to protect our cells.

Improve your speed

Although it may sound like a remote possibility, it is true that coffee could help you to be faster on the bike. In one researcher's study, he demonstrated it through two groups of cyclists, each completing a cycle at 70% of its maximum speed for one hour. One team consumed coffee before the competition (0.6 mg of coffee per kilogram of body weight) and another not, it was shown that the group with coffee in their body managed to reach faster than the group that did not drink coffee.

As you see, coffee and cycling are very good, coffee can save you even from having cancer, and however, excessive consumption can cause some side effects, such as insomnia. It is true that everything has two different sides like a coin; coffee has some bad impacts too. So, do not take excessive coffee or do not take coffee if you have an allergy or facing problem due to coffee consumption. It is advisable, for those suffering from health problem consult with your doctor or specialist to solve the problem. If you do not have any health problem, coffee is something that you want for better cycling life.

In the end, we would like to share information, not important but good to know.

One 240 ml cup of American coffee contains 145 mg of caffeine. Happy cycling and drinking coffee.

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