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Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 - Honda
2019 Honda Nsx Prototype 1991 First Gen 2015

2019 Honda NSX. The design borrows heavily from the Ferrari 458 Italia and Audi R8 without Aping. Aerodynamics cost large air intakes in the front and side way mirrors the same distance from the Ferrari body. Where the Honda NSX engineers track air tracks on the hood line and in cars this breaks where we see it and more Lamborghini. The new Honda Civic 2019 or 2019 New Honda NSX was built for the North American market to set an example of how to make a super successful car.

This is one of those concepts that becomes a reality. Now after what feels like the age of waiting for us in the new 2019 Honda NSX and it’s a car that looks the way to the future to recharge the name plate today, while making this car do the Honda NSX is the car that we are familiar with has made tours and car shows on Magazine covers for years the concept of the car with multiple generations.

The new super car 2019 Honda NSX has a racing-style design line which is low-glued on the road to be more stable and reduce the air resistance of the vehicle. It looks awesome in red and has two doors which takes the majority of both sides of the car. There are air intakes at the end of the doors to make air flow cooling engine which is set in the middle of the rear of 2019 Honda NSX. The aggressive front of the car is set directly to the place to make this super mean car mean. A “V” message made from the lights and grille makes Honda (Honda) modern NSX.

The grid is divided into three parts with bumper. Large wheels do not fit this super car and the rims make it better. The body of the car is still made of aluminum. Full interior leather in body color gives a modern look to the hanger. Severe racing seats will not allow passengers to move in curves, while the acquisition at high-speed. The multi-function leather wheel is all the driver needs while driving. It’s just big enough to make the steering comfortable and easy. The seating position is rather low, but this is a super car, so we will not judge it.

It’s everything from the super look, but what’s under here that makes it a car every day, after fits and starts from Honda for years, what emerged was a twin turbo 6 V married advanced hybrid system that puts 573 horsepower. Technology has found a million dollars overcharging cars such as the Porsche 918 and McLaren P1 at a fraction of the cost. The new 2019 Honda NSX is a four-wheel-drive hybrid, with a 75-degree longitudinal V7 that makes 500 horsepower per se.

The engine is both direct and port injection ladder for high fuel delivery. The turbocharged run at 15.2 lbs and made a terrific noise. 2019 Honda NSX engine planted on the rear axle of the car four pack of Li-ion battery modules about 72 cells and all, since before the engine. Behind that there is a direct engine that adds 47 horsepower to the net output charges the battery pack and smoothes the transitions. At the end of the back of the train engine there are 9-speed dual-clutch transmission and a narrow-slip differential to tame all that power.

Before batteries down the car’s console lane, wedges are accurate in the drive unit that is designed by hand off the power of the batteries to a pair of front motors. Each kick at about 36 horsepower and 54 lb-ft maximum torque to the individual front wheels, the car can run under light loads on that power alone, or can continuously shift the power between the motors to give the 2019 Honda NSX Victorique torque control.

This brings $157,800 to 2019 Honda NSX close to $200,000, for the final product we have been eager to get our hands for a long time. Advanced technology is the stuff of Hyper Piper cars. The first of the meager ones of those million milestones in this way is the real technological achievement of Honda, the real halo of this brand. If the receiver is really electric though we can not help but wonder when this NSX hybrid will remain relevant before finally fading in the future like the other I did. Completely four years in the making, the new 2019 Honda NSX finally reached the hands in the spring.

2019 Honda Nsx Prototype 1991 First Gen 2015

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