2019 Mazda Protege Specs Update Release

Saturday, April 21st, 2018 - Mazda
2019 Mazda Protege Dx 2000 Thermostat 2017

2019 Mazda Protege. Minor changes limited to feature content are in the Mazda Sedan Economy Store. The DX trim gets the plug engine as standard equipment, while air conditioning is provided as a standalone option. The model receives 15-inch wheels as standard.

Premium packages last year for L & S were discontinued, but you can still get a sunroof, side airbags and anti-lock brakes as options. No doubt – driving expensive new cars, loaded with options, beats work by a reasonable margin. But there is some reflection on this type of transport – most of which meets the high expectations that come with their high price tag flying prices. They are the best, or they will get saved here.

This is the third year of the current protegĂ© series – perhaps the midpoint of its existence – and in addition to a little make – up, some serious mechanical improvements have been given. All series have been honored with a more rigorous body structure to improve handling and response, the steering feel has been improved and further measures taken have been eliminated sound.

And me (optionally) and S (standard) have a new engine as well. The interior has been steaming with the new entertainment center units, a new storage unit, double map lights and a lock on the rear seats 60/40 fold down. The granular and granular vinyl surfaces and contrast cloth insert make the environment very enjoyable.

The flight deck was roomy enough for the Exxelt operator, although the rear seats in this compact passenger were in demand. The trunk area is 12.9 cubic feet, which can be expanded by dropping one or all of the rear seats, 60/40. The sharp eye may spark at external changes consisting of mesh inserts in the grill, the rework hood, the front fenders and the rear view mirror and the new headlamp.

The standard Mazda Protege engine for the DEX and Li-Series cars is a 1.6-liter double-overhead camper tuned to the torque, 106 feet from it at 4000 rpm. Horsepower peaks at 103 horses at 5,500 rpm. This may be enough, but it will certainly lead to an unanticipated acceleration in cars weighing 2,500 pounds.

Even the two-liter, also has 16 four-cam diodes, making 130 hp (@ 6000) and 135 feet of torque (@ 4000), the 9-second barrier can not break 0-60, although it came close as I did My best slap – transfer five-speed manual transmission while feeding gas. In this category, however, as in many others, 0-60 does not tell the whole story. Turning the transmission easily and accurately, the engine I like to run right out into the ignition parts, just last 6,500 red.

When the tachometer was kept on the hot side of 3000, the response was fast and fairly active. The spacing between the top three gears is ideal, making it easier to scrap most of those small motors. I thought the second may be a little less – there was quite a gap between the second and the first, causing the rotation to jump over and the car to flick slightly when it was necessary to get down that drop in a hurry.

Both the fourth and fifth are ratios exceeded – I think I have moved the entire 2-4 Shibang down a bit. In V, every 1000 rpm motor translates to about 21 miles per hour, so they get a remarkable mechanical advantage of geratin.

Mazda Protege starts at the $12,765 eye-opening for the base or DEX series, passing through $13,485 for me and hitting $15,535 in the fully equipped S series. In typical fashion press, Mazda sent me an SS with some options being addressed on, but the end result was still very friendly $16,895, with shipping. This for the handsome four-door handsome compact, not some mini tin can on wheels. (This model is only available as four doors, at this time.)

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