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2019 Mazda RX4. The RX4 (referred to as Lucy Rotary in Japan) is the body building of the Uniqel Auto Engine and manufactured and sold by Mazda Motor Co., during the 1970s. The RX4 was the largest, most stylish and more futuristic display of its powered rotary predecessors, based on the Kabella R-2 or the Familia R-3.

The RX4 shared the Lucy / 929 platform, replacing the R130 in October 1972, and was produced during October 1977. Its predecessor, the R130, an alternative (Lucy Logato rotary) was not sold in North America. Mazda marketed the RX4 as a sporting, luxury and futuristic, reflecting the best of both worlds with regard to performance and style. The Mazda RX4 wave is in need of a good increase in popularity and exclusive exclusivity, and the Wanquil engine has a completely different Mazda.

Despite its relatively short age of 5 years, the RX4 was subject to 3 external and internal changes. The first of these changes came in April 1974, when the Mazda RX4 series 2 was released, with the most important change being the replacement of the 12A and 12K engine with the 13B engine.

The second change came in April 1976 when the RX4 series 3, but the RX4 was unfortunately on the borrower’s time, can be said to be a direct result of this anti-pollution situation. The Mazda RX4 engines were not very economical, and with the start of the Saudi fuel crisis (starting in 1975) was a major concern for both manufacturers and consumers, RX4 sales declined and as a result were withdrawn from sales in 1978.

Mazda’s decision to place paramount importance on production methods Pollution means that the Mazda RX4 has not emitted a lower volume of contaminants than some of its competitors. Series 2 handling was improved by reworking the body to handle the powerful 13B engine, as well as using torque bars to give the car extra stability on the corners, which was also due to its alarming acceleration and velocity.

The 13K Wankill engine will be used in the RX4 until the end of its operation and will provide the foundation for rotary engines produced for 30 years. The accuracy of the direction on the smooth roads was more than acceptable, with little need to move the steering wheel. On the roads loaded with vehicles, the front suspension of McPherson Strott often leads to the beatings and kicking that could have been felt through the steering wheel.

As with all its contemporary Mazda brothers, the Mazda RX4 is equipped with an Inkyel rotor engine, which was known for being small and powerful but at the expense of poor fuel economy. The Mazda RX4 series included the Rotary engine and the 12A Wankel.

The maximum speed of the four-speed manual 4-speed manual was impressive at the time, at 190 km / h, and the speed of the car accelerated to 0-100 km / h in 11.9 seconds. The torque was 156 Nm at 4000 rpm and 70 kW of power, and the fuel consumption was 14.4 L / 100 KM. In terms of handling, the Mazda RX4 series 1 was not responsive to its orientation, which was remarkably accurate, although it was undesirable to take corners quickly because of its tendency to spin wheel in such cases.

Girse changes can also be a little tricky for those not accredited to travel long from the clutch in the manual cars. The version included the RX4 Series 2 Rotary Engine and the Enkill 13B which was actually an extended version of the original 12A RX4 engine and would be used to remind the life of the Mazda RX4.

The manual variable was 4 manual speeds at a speed higher than 195km / h, an acceleration time of 0-100 km / h at 10. 4 seconds, 160 Nm torque at 4000 rpm, and an announced power output of 85kW. Despite these improvements, fuel economy still can be said to be something desirable, indeed worse, with the RX4 Series 2 sedan now using 15.6 L / 100 KM.

In 1976, the Mazda 2 sedan model of the Mazda RX4 was a retail price of $5,014 and a retail coupe at $5,195. Although prices have actually increased over the previous year, the RX4 is still very affordable compared to its competitor. In fact, the Chrysler Sentora cost $5,162 and the cost of the Ford Cortina Shell $5,753 were all these heavier cars, arguably less fun to drive and less equipped.

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